Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Is it true??

Has Melbourne finally brought out the big guns and delivered us with Summer?? I hope so!!!

Yesterday my BBF (Kate) and I headed out for a day trip to Barwon Heads/Torquay. We were so blessed with the weather, it was absolutely perfect! We left Melbourne in the morning and got to Barwon Heads at about 11am. We headed straight for the beach!!! It was pretty hot down there so we didn't spend too much time laying out on the sand and headed straight for the water!! Just perfect!
But then the unthinkable happened. The most horrible thing that could happen to a girl with long hair... or any length hair for that matter... I lost my one and only hair-tie. You know that one that it is stretched to the perfect amount that you know you can wrap it round your hair three times. Yep well mine is now on the bottom of the ocean floor or washed up on a beach in Mexico for all I know!!

So after I came to grips that I wasn't going to be seeing it again we finished up on the beach and headed for lunch in Torquay. We chose the ever popular Growlers Cafe on the Esplanade. Now, I thought this place was owned by Nicky Buckley but I just checked the website and it seems that weird paparazzi guy Darryn Lyons and Lara Bingle now own it. Weird. So there you go!
I was so excited when I got there because I had been craving their delicious thick cut chips and aioli and maybe a cider to wash it down (Real healthy, I know!!). But their chips dont come with aioli anymore... But now I have a new favourite!! Sweet Chilli Mayo!! Oh god it was like a party in my mouth. AMAZING!!!! The only crappy thing was that their ciders were way overpriced... $13.50 for a Rekorderlig cider!! Can you believe it?! That's more that the bowl of chips!!! So no cider for me. But we did enjoy some yummy bruschetta with our chips!

How yum does that Bruschetta look?! I want more!!
All in all it was a perfect day!! Perfect weather, food and company! What more could you ask for?! Oh maybe Kate's sunburn isn't so perfect but I did warn her when she said no to sunscreen. Poor thing has heat stroke!

Here's a better picture of my new hair (excuse me for being a poser)! I'm so happy with it! And I finally got to wear my new Jessika Allen bathers! Got this bikini top for an absolute bargain from Swimwear Galore!! RRP $94.00 and I got it on sale for $19.00 yep that's right $19.00!!!!!!

Well that's it for me! I have to go study my course because I don't have much longer to do it and facebook, Instagram and blogs are distracting me!!


Friday, 13 January 2012

Won't you take me to...

BUSY TOWN!!!!! There's no funky town around here! I am so crazy-busy at the moment I'm finding it so hard to do something I really wanted to do! BLOG! This was one thing I really wanted to do this year, but I really am struggling with the whole "finding time" part of it! All you fellow bloggers out there how do you do it? Does it just become a habit once you have been doing it for so long? I really do hope so!

So I am well and truly back at work now after my two weeks holiday over Christmas and New Years. And what a disaster our first week was. For those of you who live in Melbourne you will be well aware of the crazy storms we had here on Christmas day. Well this just made extra work for us. We had over a quarter of our rental portfolio (1200 properties) damaged from the storms so you can just imagine all the phone calls we have been receiving and having to make! It's finally starting to settle down a bit and we are getting on top of things but wow I was ready to pull my hair out!!

Speaking of hair.. I just got mine done! After an extremely long break of having anything done to it I decided to go to my hairdresser and lighten it up a little bit. I was inspired by the beautiful Ricki Lee Coulter!
Amazing right?? I think my hair dresser did a pretty good job as I was worried it was going to go a bit orangey as I have been dying it with a couple of packet mix (I know, I know they're terrible!). So here is what it looks like!
Please excuse my sour puss face. I was quite upset that I had to have a scarf on this morning and it is the middle of Summer!!! Seriously Mother Nature... Shape up or ship out!!!

Ok So that's it for me really... I am hoping to squeeze in a post on Monday night as I am going to the beach with my bestie. So hopefully I will have some good photos to share!

Thanks for reading!!

PS - I have decided to do the 14.38km Run for the Kids Fun Run! Yay it's my first ever fun run so if anyone has any tips let me know! I will do another post once I have registered and worked out my training for it. So excited!

Monday, 2 January 2012

New beginnings

2012... It has a nice ring to it doesn't it? I am that excited for what lies ahead of me in this year. Obviously it's only the 2nd of January so I don't really have many plans but lots of things floating around my brain! Here's a few things I am excited for -
  • 12WBT - I'm currently in the process of convincing my family to join Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. It starts in Febuary with Pre Season commencing in January! My sister is in and I have told my mum if she pays for the groceries I will do all the cooking. Sounds like a good deal right?? Check out the website for more info http://www.12wbt.com/ and let me know if you are in as well!
  • Agents Rep Course - I am currently working in reception for a real estate agent in Eltham. I have been working there for a little over a year and I LOVE my job! There isn't a day I wake up and not want to go. I have chosen to study my Agents Rep so I can further my knowledge and hopefully turn my job into more of a "career".
  • My Cousin's Wedding - That's right, I said it. A  WEDDING! Yay! And it's in Noosa!! Woohoo!!!! Not only will I get to go to a beautiful wedding, I will also be getting a mini holiday out of it! Also, it's not that far away either, they are hoping to have it in May.
  • Kanye West & Soundwave - Yahooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! That's all I have to say.
  • BYO Lunches - The girls from work and I have decided that 2012 is the year of BYO lunches.... Well I don't really know how long this is going to last but hopefully a while!! I'm not that bad a buying my lunch everyday but at the end of last year I did slip out of my BYO lunch phase and got addicted to sushi and Nando's Mini Pitas (If you haven't already tried these DO IT!!!!! They are amazing). So I am hoping that I can hopefully stay on track at least 4 of my 5 day working week!
Hmmm.... When I started writing this I thought there was heaps of things.... Maybe not haha I'm sure I will think of more things!

2012 is really just about me! (Gee that sounds snobby doesn't it?) I will be focusing on myself this year as I have just come out of a nearly 7 year relationship so I feel like I am just beginning to know myself. There is so many things I want to do this year and I feel like now is the time to do it! So here's to 2012 bitches!